Vibrational Flow is an intimate healing studio and store, situated in Scottburgh, on the south coast of KwaZulu-Natal. The healing studio provides individualised energy healing for clients in a tranquil space. The store stocks a range of carefully selected items that assist you on your journey to empowering yourself.

Vibrational flow from its early days in 2010, was the long-standing dream of the owner, Debra, to have a centre that was a place to heal and a space to learn more about one’s greater self. She always believed that providing comprehensive care with integrity, compassion, and honouring the body’s infinite wisdom, was the only way to reconnect with one’s greater self.

Debra Sadie
Owner, Quantum Life Master Healer & Empowerment Coach
Munay Ki (Shamanic) Teacher

Like most of you, I have had a lifetime of challenges, some bigger than others. I also became disheartened when I realised that the majority of my life had been running after projects and chasing goals that were not my own. Throughout these times, I always consider the possibility that there has to be more to life.  It was at the end of one of these cycles that I made a decision to invest vast amounts of time to find the one person that was missing in my life. Me.

Over the years, I had always been in search for the true me, not the one that I have been programmed to be. After various highs and lows, I found myself in a downward spiral and unable to look in the mirror. I could not recognise myself. At this point, I said enough is enough and made the conscious decision to change.

This was the catalyst for my journey to rediscover. It was not an easy journey but as with anything, it takes baby steps. The process of rediscovering was the most wonderful journey that I embark on, bringing me to the realisation that I was to blame and not circumstances. This forced me to clear the emotional and physical clutter from my life which allowed me to grow and become more in tune with my higher self and embark on the path of alternative healing. The journey gave me the strength to reflect on the last few years and of becoming tired of doing the same thing over and over for the same return.  I needed to find something that could really fulfil my conscious need to improve my higher self and share what I have learnt over the years.

This year 2017 I made chose between the same old some old or the new. Having the permanent centre has blessed me with time to pursue my dream every day and the rewards thus far have been amazing as I  met lovely and like-minded people.

I would like you to invite to join me on this journey of love and light.