What is Quantum Life Healing?

Quantum Life Healing helps you on an emotional, psychological, physical and spiritual level, bringing about an understanding of your life, and clarifying the purpose for which you have come to earth.

We are socially conditioned in the old way of thinking and beliefs that keep us stuck and frustrated. The Quantum Life Healing method de-programmes you so that you can reprogram the truth and believe that is right and correct for you.

For you have to take full control of your life you have to learn the fundamentals of who you are, and this understanding together with the healings brings you to a place of empowerment. It is then that you start living, and loving your life as you always should have.

Consultations/Assessment                   30min   R 350.00

Chakra Balance                                   60min   R 450.00

Higher Chakra Balance                        60min   R 550.00

Other Alternative Healing methods and Assessments on request.

Alternative Healing methods offered through Vibrational Flow are Energy healing, crystal healing, Healing with the Higher Rays, Regression, Colour Therapy, Vibrational Healing and Advanced Chakra Healings.